Cement Hill Water Treatment Plant Chemical System Rehabilitation Project

The Suisun-Solano Water Authority (SSWA) supplies potable water to the City of Suisun City, which is located in Solano County, approximately 45 miles west of Sacramento and approximately 26 services in the Suisun Valley which is located to the northwest of Suisun City in the unincorporated section of Solano County. The SSWA water distribution system is supplied by the Solano Project through the Cement Hill Water Treatment Plant and the system is operated and maintained by the Solano Irrigation District (SID). Project includes replacement of existing polymer (coagulant and filter aid) storage and meeting facility and replacement of the existing chlorine gas disinfection system with new sodium hypochlorite storage and metering system. Project also includes replacement of existing pipe in the existing pipe trenches, providing new piping in the existing pipe trenches, removing abandoned pipes from the existing pipe trenches, demolition of chlorine room and equipment inside the room, demolition of equipment inside existing chlorine storage room, repair and reconstruction of existing improvements affected by the work, incidentals for a complete and usable facility, civil and yard facilities improvements, electrical system improvements, instrumentation and control system improvements.
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