Rural North Vacaville Arsenic Remediation Project

The project is located at the end of Buena Vista Lane in Vacaville, California. The Rural North Vacaville Water District (RNVWD) owns two wells which are operated by the Solano Irrigation District. Well 1 is located to the south of Buena Vista Lane and Well 2 is located to the north of Buena Vista Lane approximately 1,000 feet north of Well 1. A skid mounted AdEdge Water Treatment System for arsenic removal will be installed at the Well 1 site and be capable of treatingwater from Well 1 or Well 2. This project includes, but is not limited to, installing owner furnished AdEdge Water Treatment System, installing owner furnished backwash tank and pump; furnishing and installing chemical storage tanks and pump systems, site piping, valves and appurtenances, and electrical and instrumentation systems.
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