Green Valley Lateral 56-D Repair Project


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Bid Date8/22/23 10:00am

Company & Contacts

Solano Irrigation District
Nancy McWilliams


The project is located at the south end of Walnut Drive and crosses the Green Valley Creek within Fairfield in Solano County California.


Project Description:

An emergency bypass was installed this spring by the District to mediate a segment of Asbestos Concrete Pipe (ACP) along Lateral 56-D that broke in the vicinity of Green Valley Creek. The emergency bypass consisted of installing approximately 300 feet of 16-inch diameter DR 11 HDPE pipe above ground. A portion of the bypass is sleeved through 30” HDPE. The bypass is connected to the existing ACP at both ends with steel specials and flexible couplings.

The project includes removing temporary bypass and reinstalling approximately 300 feet of 16- inch diameter DR 11 HDPE pipe, re-install the steel special fittings and valves, concrete encasement of pipe, abandoning-in-place the existing ACP, and bypassing/dewatering the creek during construction. See Section 01100 for details on District furnished materials.